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Latest MTN Data Plans Activation Codes For 2018 (Daily, Weekly, Monthy)

Some years back, MTN data plan bundles become one of the best and affordable plans, Meanwhile, in 2018, MTN data plan is very costly, but when it comes to browsing and downloading with the internet MTN data plans bundles in 2018 are the best because they have a wild coverage and high internet browsing speed.
In this 2018 season, the new MTN data plan bundles are now cheaper and affordable, because right now the company has adjusted the plan rate including the browsing speed for the enjoyment of their subscribers around the world.

So, here today, we are going to list out all latest MTN Affordable Data plans and activation codes in 2018 so that you can easily choose the plan the fit your suite. So Without much time, let quickly get started.

List Of All MTN Data Plan Bundles and Activation Codes in 2018

MTN Daily Data Plans

1. 50MB for N100: This plan gives you additional 5 times of your plan (i.e 30MB for N100). Imagine getting that little data volume for that price. So, MTN reconsidered everything and offer up 50MB for N100 with additional 20MB. It valid for 24 hours which is completely full day

  • To opt-in for this data plan, quickly dial *104# or quickly send an SMS of 104 to 131 and you are done subscribing.

 2. 150MB for N200: This is another daily plan from MTN that gives you 150MB worth of data for just N200. This 150MB data plan can be used in a day. and its one of the best data plan from MTN since the data can be used to do anything on the internet without restrictions.

  • To opt-in this plan, dial *113# or quickly send an SMS to 113to 131 and you are done subscribing.

MTN Weekly Data Plans

150MB for N300: This weekly Plan cost you is just N300 only on activation, This plan is very similar with the daily plan but the difference is clear, The weekly plan valid for 7 days while the daily valid for a day.

  • To opt-in this plan, dial *102# or quickly send an SMS to 102to 131 and you are done subscribing

4. 500MB + 250MB (Bonus data) cost N500: The plan is really nice and awesome. Just N500 only will give you 500MB, not only that, you also get an additional 250MB data that’s usable between 1am to 7am on daily basis.

  • To opt-in this plan, dial *102# or quickly send an SMS to 102to 131 and you are done subscribing.

MTN Monthly Data Plans

5. 1GB + (500MB bonus data) cost N1,000: This monthly plan is valid for a 30days. Within 30 days, you can browse, download and enjoy up to the internet with high browsing speed at all time. With just N1,000, you will also get 1GB data plus an additional 5000MB worth of data which is used between 1am to 7am on daily basis.

  • To opt-in to this plan, dial *130# or send 130 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.

7. 2.5GB + 1GB (Bonus data) cost N2,000: This is heavy for Internet user who loves to stream and browse all time. with this plan, you will get 2.5GB data plus 1GB as an added bonus that can be used from 1am to 7am on daily basis and it's valid for 30 days which is a complete full month.

  • To opt-in to this plan, dial *110# or send 110 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.

8. 5GB for 3,500: This plan gives you the data without restrictions. You don’t have to get an additional bonus that’s restricted to time. By adding N3,500, you will get instant 5GB data as main data which will valid for 30 days.

  • To opt-in to this plan, dial *107# or send 107 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.

9. 10GB for N5,000: This T once they see that 10GB data plan cost N5,000. The plan is for those who download heavily and knows their data consumption rate. The plan valid for 30 days.

  • To opt-in to this plan, dial *116# or send 116 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.

10. 22GB for N10,000: The plan is most suitable for business users, such as a cyber cafe, and more“. The plans are really cool with lots of high browsing and downloading speed. The plan also gives you unparalleled access to cyberspace for a complete month (30 days).

  • To opt-in to this plan, dial *117# or send 117 to 131 as SMS text message to activate the plan.
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